3 Things You Should Do This Weekend In NYC

Written by on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 with 0 comments

  1. Check out the Spring Fair in Soho. Just in time for Mother’s Day, head down to 154 Grand St to shop for handmade jewelry & discounted clothing.
  2. Update your online dating profile for Spring. Add a new picture to your profile. You’d be surprised at how many profile photos are over a year old! Keep your pics fresh dolls & those dates will come.
  3. Spray paint some color in your home office. I have an eggplant bookcase that is crying for something bright. I’ll be shopping for tangerine colored spray paint for the backboard of the bookcase. Will share deets on how it turns out 😉

And…don’t forget to enter MG’s Spring Clutch Giveaway to win this tangerine clutch, dahlings!


image credit: allleft.tumblr.com

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