If you follow MG & my tweets, you’ll know how obsessed I’ve been about finding the perfect statement mirror for my apt. After changing my room decor 2 years ago, I had been on the search for an ornate gilt mirror that would match my decor mix of the French provincial & Hollywood regency styles. I searched for over a year on ebay, craigslist, vintage stores (online & offline) & etsy. I even searched on craigslist furniture lists from other cities.

Yes, I was that obsessed.

When I want (need) something, I have to have it. I finally found a listing on ebay for the mirror that was insanely under priced. There was one bid on it, so I waited until 7am the next morning, put in a max bid at the final few minutes of the auction and…won it! Yay x 100 dolls.

Before: I had a framed mirror set on the wall. 

After: The space looks bigger and brighter with one large mirror.

My decor style is what I call “Parisian Preppy Glam”, which is why this mirror works for my apt, but if you’re into a more traditional look, I would suggest visiting the sites I listed above and to price match on google. There are home decor stores that sell the same mirrors at different prices (try to find the specific manufacturer of the mirror, rather than the style).

***I just found out that a table I was looking for at a luxury home online retailer is made by a manufacturer that sells at lower priced sites. The price difference? $300 cheaper. 

Totes worth the search!

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