1. Try on a fabulush gown. This Sunday is the 85th Academy Awards ceremony, so why not try on an oscar-worthy gown? Whether its raiding your bestie’s amaze closet, or heading into your nearest Saks, find out what your Oscar look would be. And speaking of gowns, this weekend I’ll be trying on wedding dresses for the FIRST TIME EVER! I was asked to be a part of a bridal photo shoot (totes honored) and cannot wait to share with you the bridal looks I will be trying. New York Wedding meet MG.

2. Update your office wall with gorgeous art.  Every weekend I either visit a home accessories or vintage store to update my apartment style. This weekend I’m on the search for 4 ornate picture frames to finish off the Parisian photo collage I have on my office wall. I love these photos because I took them myself and they remind me of one of my fav places in the world (besides Midtown Manhattan, of course).

3. Add an easy & healthy dinner recipe to your cooking repertoire. I’ve recently been obsessed with updating my cooking skills. If I can make a 3lb delish turkey-herb meatloaf (from scratch) in my tiny apt kitchen, so can you dolls. Every week I’ll be sharing a recipe on MG in my Little New York Kitchen series.

Which one will you be doing this weekend, dahlings?

images: weheartit.com