Dear MG,

I’ve been friends with this girl for a few years. We aren’t exactly best friends, but we hang out a lot and I share personal stories with her. She’s very sweet but every time she’s around my boyfriend & I, she gets really friendly with him. Especially if she’s had a few drinks, she starts getting very flirtatious with him, saying ridiculous things like “if you were single, I would grab you in a second” and to me “you’re so lucky to have found such a cute guy, let me know if you guys ever break up”. I’m not the insecure or jealous type, but the last time all of us got together (with other friends too), she grabbed his hand and started dancing with him. What should I do or say to make her stop without looking like I’m jealous (which I’m not)?


Ugh, totes can’t stand that girl who flirts with another woman’s man. Here’s what you need to do…

  • Stop bringing this girl around you & your boyfriend. Relationships don’t need to be tested with the stress from outside flirtation.  The more this girl is around you & your bf, the more she’ll feel closer to you guys (and him) and keep up with this egregious behavior. Even if you talk to her about it, a few cocktails in and she will be back to her “friendly” ways. #happenedtome
  • Keep the friendship super casual. You can still be friends with her but understand that this type of girl is not healthy to be around. Women who flirt with taken men usually have a plethora of issues, espesh when it comes to their own self esteem & personal relationships. She’s making you feel uncomf in social situations when your boyfriend is around. Who does that?? Girls like her.
  • Don’t feel bad if you DON’T want to be friends with her anymore. A friend is someone who adds positive energy to your life. If your friendship feels like a second job, its prob time to clean house and let go.

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