Beyonce’s locks on inauguration day 2013 were fabulush x 100. One of my fav ways to style my hair is in a medium-large, loose, wavy look. If you have a slight wave to your hair (like I do),  then you can get this look without the use of a curling iron or curlers. Here’s how to get her date night hair:

  • When your hair is slightly damp (not wet) add a light cream serum (I use Dove’s Cream serum).
  • Separate your hair into 3 inch sections. 3 inches will give you a wider curl as opposed to the traditional, tighter pin curl.
  • Twist each section loosely into mini top knot buns. Secure each mini top knot with a soft elastic band, not pins. Pins make dents in the hair and cause curls to be uneven. I like these from Goody, bc they don’t feel tight & won’t pull your hair out. You can also use the colored fabric elastics made for girls.


  • After twists are done, use a flexible hold spray, I use L’Oreal’s Ellnet, and lightly spray over all of hair. The key is using a flexible spray so your curls don’t get crunchy (yes, I said crunchy).


  • Wait until your hair is completely dry. For me, slightly damp hair in mini top knot buns take about 1 hour to fully dry. After hair is dry. Take, out each mini top knot and fluff out your hair. Flip your head down and release the back curls as well. 
  • Then, take ALL of your wavy hair and twist it into ONE full, loose top knot and secure with a soft elastic band. You’re doing this so that curls will come together and not look so separate from the mini top knots. Lightly spray more flexible hold hairspray.
  • Wait about 10-15 mins and let that top knot out. Once more, flip your head down and put your fingers through your hair to fluff out your hair.
  • Separate your hair into a super wide side part if you want the same look as Beyonce (I make mine less severe, but she’s Beyonce so hey…). 
  • Lightly spray flexible hairspray under the side part while fluffing with your hands to give height. Then spray a bit more all over to hold the curls. If you want extra height under the part, tease the hair under the part before spraying.

Now you have fabulush Beyonce Inauguration hair without using a curling iron!

Dahling, do you ever curl your hair without a curling iron?


top image: Getty