Soo, had a great time with CB on Friday! He’s super nice and his manners are superb. Ok, so we spent the whole eve talking about past relationships, why they didn’t work out (he actually initiated the ex talk, bc I would never do that with someone so new, of course!), and other misc. subjects.

He mentioned again about going away, and I asked him what date he was thinking of going. He’s like, “well how about the weekend of the 13th?”. I look at the calendar on my cell and…ah…wait… that’s Valentine’s weekend?! So I say, “oh that”s Valentine’s weekend.” He responds “yea, I guess it is!”. Awww. Right?

So, I’m still contemplating what is going on here and what I should do when we start talking about what’s going on in his career…

HE: “So hopefully the investors wont pull out of this deal.”
ME: “When do you find out?”
HE: “By the end of this month.”
ME: “Wow, that’s next week.”
HE: “Yea. it’s ok. If it doesn’t work out I have an offer on the table at a private firm for a 2 year position.”
ME: “Oh that’s so great. Especially in this market!”
HE: “It is. Only thing is, the firm is in Dubai.”


ME: “Dubai?”
HE: “Yes. But they will be giving me a huge travel account so I can travel back and forth to NYC as much as I want.”
ME: “When would you be leaving if you accept this offer?”
HE: “I believe in March.”

Riiiiight. Damn. Why, Why?

HE: “Nothing is set in stone, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about this.”
ME: “Oh, no totally. (UGH) I hope those investors pull through.”

I mean it’s not that I’m super concerned or anything bc we just met, but if the future of his physical location is uncertain, then how could I not be about dating him…

Man this sucky-sucks!

Has anyone dealt with a similar situation?? Should I even expend my energy or just move on? Let me know what you guys think…