Ask MG: “My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me On Facebook…”

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Dear Midtown Girl,

I’m completely devastated. My boyfriend who I’ve dated for the past 4 months and thought who loved me changed his FB status from in a relationship to “single” last night. He didn’t even tell me he wanted to break up, he just told me he ‘needs some time to get his life together’ and that he still wants to see me. Why would he immediately change his status like this? I don’t even know if I should text him about this or call him. What do I do??

Ugh, I feel your pain doll. I was dating a guy for a few months and thought he might be the ‘one’. We talked every day, multiple times a day and saw each other all the time. I totally fell for him. Then one day, he got laid off and everything changed. I told him I would be there for him and he told me  ‘I need some time to get my life together’. Exactly what your boyfriend did. He still ‘wanted to see me’ but felt that he couldn’t give me what I wanted at the time.

Fact is, when a guy tells you this it means he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, for whatever reason. He has no problem ‘seeing you’ but anything more serious is not in his mindset right now. Your now ex changing his facebook status to single might hurt a lot right now, but he was upfront about how he feels & at least gave you closure (many guys don’t). IMO, hide his updates (or even de-friend him, no need to be friends with exes) and keep your mind & heart open to dating someone new.  

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1 Comment on “Ask MG: “My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me On Facebook…””

  1. Dear MG
    just a random question but am i a bad person cause i feel nothin about my breakup?

    literally 2 days ago a friend sed my (ex)bf changed fb to single so naturally i questioned him and got a reason(which doesnt make sense)
    i did hav a bad 3hr cryin session(only natural) n felt slighly zombified the nxt day but i got up and went to work n suddenly felt happy, like a burden has just gone n i dont understand why im not bothered by it i honestly loved him we talked of kids n marriage andi thought we were good ive even met his family from abroad
    but i think it makes me sound evil cos i feel happier now he clearly doesnt care as he ended through txt msg n his parents are comin to meet me soon(unless hes ruined my clothes n things)so he cant face me
    my last breakups ended with severe depression but this time i seem to have accepted it pretty quickly is it wrong that i dont feel bad?

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