WTF Wed’s: Top Ten lies you’ve told your parents while dating your 1st BF.

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So Team MG interrogated (kidding) the cafe crowd at Starbucks on 42nd b/w lex & 3rd, to find out some interesting fibs told to parents while engaging in their first relationship…

Top Ten Lies you’ve told your parents while dating your 1st BF:

10. I’m going over to Jessica’s house. Her mom is making pancakes for dinner and you know how much I love pancakes.

9.  I have to see Todd tonight. He’s thinking about joining the army and today may be his last day in the country.

8. I was out with my friends in the mall but their mom’s wouldn’t drive me home so I called Seth to pick me up. Wasn’t that nice of him?

7. You said I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend but you didn’t say I couldn’t have boys as friends. Duh.

6. The only person in our class that is good at pre-cal is Josh. Can he come over to help me before our test tom?

5. There won’t be any guys at the party.  I promise.

4. I would never invite John over while you guys are away on vacation. Besides, I have midterms all week & have to study.

3. He’s not that much  older than me. I’m not even into older guys.

2. Can I use the car? I need to get some (insert any feminine product here) at the store. I should be back in an hour.

1.  No mom, Kennedy is a girl’s name.

Dahlings – what are some fibs you’ve told your parents in the past???


3 Comments on “WTF Wed’s: Top Ten lies you’ve told your parents while dating your 1st BF.”

  1. funny! I had strict asian parents so of course had to come up with some pretty good ones. I was a cheerleader in high school so used that as an excuse A LOT. cheerleading practice in the morning AND night, basketball games every single day of the week, etc… thinking back, my parents probably never saw me out of my cheer outfit my entire senior year! LOL

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