Since undergrad, I’ve pretty much kept my makeup routine the same: concealer/powder/black eyeliner & mascara/nude or ballet pink lipgloss. If I’m getting ready to go on a date or to a fabulush event, I’ll add some pretty hue of green or violet eyeshadow (Make Up For Ever is fantastic!). But sometimes my makeup routine just feels a bit…meh.

So, leave it to the lovelies at to offer up some helpful tips that will keep our date night makeup looking fresh, fun and for beauty babes of all ages!

Date-Night Makeup for Every Age

20’s – Use This Eye-Opening Trick
To make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more twinkly, dot a pearly white, champagne, or silver shadow in the inner corners. Check out the gleaming effect on Mila Kunis. (she is one uber pretty girl)

20’s – Make Your Skin Dazzle
Your collarbone is one of your most alluring features, so play it up with a shimmery powder like Carrie Underwood wears here. If you’re baring cleavage, dust a bronzer in between your décolletage for a va-va-voom effect. (always flawless)

30’s – Work Bold Colors
A bright lip color and a matching manicure like Taraji P. Henson’s are two surefire ways to get noticed. Pulling off a vibrant lipstick can be difficult during the winter when your lips are chapped, so rub your pout with a warm washcloth and apply Aquaphor or a lip balm beforehand. (her personality is part of her natural glow)

30’s – Get a Glowing Complexion
Winter months can leave your skin dry and dull, so mix a shimmery illuminator with a tinted moisturizer to get a radiant effect like Ginnifer Goodwin has here. (had no idea Ginnifer was in her 30’s, she looks so much younger!)

40’s – Go for Sweet and Pretty…
Nothing looks more flirty or feminine than pink lips and flushed cheeks. Take a cue from Sandra Bullock and keep your blush in the same color family as your lipstick. (we heart you Sandy – stay strong gf!!)

40’s – …Or Hot and Sultry
Salma Hayek sports the ultimate sexy makeup look: smoky eyes. Work a creamy black eyeliner into your inner rims, then blend a dark shadow close to your lash lines. Finish it off with a volumizing mascara and a shiny nude gloss. (still can’t believe Salma is in her 40’s…wow)

50’s – Tone Down Your Lip Color
If you feel that red lipstick looks garish on you, try a soft plum color like Sharon Stone is wearing here instead. To get your lip color to stay put, start by filling in your entire mouth with a neutral pencil. After you apply your lipstick, top it off with a shimmery gloss. (classic & timeless!)

50’s – Go Dark and Dramatic
Iman’s bold smoky eye and burgundy lips work great for a big night out. The trick to pulling off her look is to stick with a matte shadow and creamy lipstick — too many shimmery textures can be makeup overload. (has anyone tried her makeup line?)

Dahlings…what type of make up look do you go for on date night?


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