So, after Sunday brunch, I think I may finally make the trip downtown to TopShop!
I’m still surprised that I haven’t yet stepped into TS, but I live soo close to the Trifecta: Zara/H&M/Forever21, that sometimes I just get caught up (or comfortable) in this fashion-outlet merry-go-round.

Anywho, besides Ciggy jeans, it seems as though I do not own a pair of double platform shoes/boots/shooties/whateva, so I think I just may pick me up a pair!

( p.s. – I abhor the word shootie. Sounds like a bodily function…not sexxxy).


How cutie are these?!?!


Barney’s has a pump version of these!

TopShop here I come!

Anyone have a pair? What’s the walking factor on a scale of 1 – 10?

Labor Day kissies,

p.s. – new giveaway coming very soon – YAY!!!