MG Bday Giveaway Winner & I NEED…A Faux Fur Chubby!

Written by on Sunday, October 25th, 2009 with 16 comments
First – the MG F21 Birthday Giveaway had such an AMAZING turnout!

With all the posts/tweet/RT’s & Side bar love

I have say thank you to each and everyone of you beautiful bloggy dahlings!!

And now onto the winner…Congratulations to:

Allie @Hot Robot!!!

YAY for Allie – send me your email love!!

AND – I PROMISE to have more FABULUSH giveaways coming up very soon, so be on the lookout dolls!!!

Now onto today’s post…

Ok, so I JUST bought this faux fur coat…and I LA-HUVS it!!!

SOOO Midtown Chic Right?!?!
But I kinda want a short faux-fur one too…and a CHUBBY is the perfect length for everyday wear:

I have my eye on this diddy right here-

Price: $168

Price: $168

Price: $77

Price: $190

Price: $168

Price: $357

Price: $128

Your thoughts dahlings???

Monday kissies,

16 Comments on “MG Bday Giveaway Winner & I NEED…A Faux Fur Chubby!”

  1. congrats to the winner! i need to get to my google reader this week- i think i may have missed some great posts here!

    this is so generous of you and i hope someday someone will pay it forward in your direction!

  2. My thoughts….


    Since I have a tendency to spill on self, I'd say none.

    Seriously, I'm a suede or leather girl. That didn't sound right did it?

  3. Aren't chubbies…chubbier than those jackets? I still have fond memories of a turquoise Marc Jacobs Mongolian sheepskin chubby from the '90s. Sigh.

  4. I love the one that you got!!! I have bought a white and leopard "chubby" this fall and just can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it!

  5. I'm quite enamored with that Topshop pretty! I think you and I both need a chubby! Am I juvenile for giggling at that? Yes? That's how I roll. Ah ha

  6. Hey pretty,

    I bet you have been walking around show stopping in the city wih that jacket girly.. A leopard chubbie would be nice <3

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