My Favs: Best Dressed TV Show Casts

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Have you lovelies ever watched the show “Cougar Town” with Courtney Cox? Apparently, the show’s title has turned off quite a few potential viewers – so much so that they are in talks of a name change. But if you ever accidentally catch an epi (like I did the other eve), turns out, the show is actually pretty good! Even better is Cox’s wardrobe…in fact, 2 of the dresses she wore (a Tory Burch sheath dress & lush¬†Cosabella¬†robe) almost had me partake in one of my crackhead-like, late night online shopping sprees.

Anywho, television shows are more often than not uber influential when it comes to personal style. I remember when I was a freshman in H.S., one of my gf’s (a senior) told me that a girl in her class would obsessively watch Jenny Garth in 90210 (the original series). After every epi, this chick would put together an outfit that would be a damn near replica of what Jenny wore on the show & would wear it to class the next day.

Not sure if that would be considered stylish or freakish but…whatevz!

Cougar Town




Keeping Up with the Kardashians


The City


Gossip Girl


Share with me dahlings – which TV show’s cast would be on your best dressed list???


4 Comments on “My Favs: Best Dressed TV Show Casts”

  1. I would not watch Cougar Town because of the stupid name, till a friend told me he liked it, and then I got hooked! And the show now really has nothing to do with the title. And I think I first heard about the title right after my nephew’s best friend told me I was a MILF, and I wasn’t even a mother at the time! Poor kid got an earful about that.
    Also, that Gossip Girl photo just cracks me up, perfectly represents how Blake Lively is all cleavage in the show, all the time!

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