Single Girl Research: Excellent Read, Left Anonomously…

Written by on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 with 7 comments
Sooo, back when my dear Laptop-of-Love crashed, I received some really sweet comments from you dahlings wishing for its quick recovery (even though I have a back-up disc, I am def gonna buy my back-up drive this week, I promised myself – no T. Burch sandals until I get this!!!).
Anywho, I remembered an anonymous reader leaving a comment & link to an excellent article on

Whomever you are – please let me know – I totally related to what this chick was speaking of & I sooo appreciate the thoughtful link – thank you dollface!!
The title itself is why I am still in the dating pool in the first place, not because I am UBER picky…I just don’t want to settle for the sole reason of settling..get what I’m saying???

And what’s so interesting about the article is that she points out how, even when a guy seems great on paper, it doesn’t mean he’s the one. Seems OBVIOUS right? Not really.

Why? Because it’s not uncommon to date our same ‘type’ over & over again. I know I sure have in the past. Sometimes it’s just time to edit what we think our type should be…

“As I slid out of my great-on-paper guy’s bed and tiptoed out the door (shady, I know!), my dread was replaced by relief. Back in my apartment with only my cat for company, I realized that I’d become rather accustomed to being alone and while I wasn’t ecstatic 24/7, I was actually pretty happy. I loved my friends and family (and my kitty!) and I knew I’d be okay if my life stayed the way it was.”

So, at this point, she feels okay with herself as a single chick and doesn’t need someone else to ‘complete’ her…when –

“Of course then six months later I screwed it all up by meeting a great guy who I love to pieces.”

Good for you chickie. Start from the inside – out & things will work out juuust fine.

I hope. LOL!


p.s. – Am I the only one who noticed that in Beyonce’s most recent red carpet pics…she did
not shave her legs??? WTF & Gross!!

7 Comments on “Single Girl Research: Excellent Read, Left Anonomously…”

  1. OMG I can relate to that already!!! Going to read…

    Yeah, Beyonce is my WIFE but wtf was up with her?? I'm not pleased. ha 🙂

  2. You could really tell from the red carpet pictures that she did not shave her legs? It must have looked like a jungle down there! LOL!

  3. What a fantastic article. I really do think a lot of people fall into the trap of getting into a relationship with someone just because that person ticks the boxes they think they should. You have to identify what you really want, and what truly makes you happy, and seek that without settling for less. We all deserve the best, but we can't be afraid of having to work to find it.

  4. Great article! I never want to settle, that's for sure…although sometimes I think I'm too picky.

    And Texts From Last Night is the best thing ever! Oh wow, so funny! 🙂

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