While apt hunting (for my gf) and later a having brunch & munch in Midtown, am New York‘s front page caught my attention. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a copy of amNY (a free local newspaper) but this issue’s headline was definitely MG material…

On p. 2 of this past wknd’s issue were 2 articles –

  1. “Costly Art of the Mate Chase” by Karen Keller: about a 3-day Pickup Dating Conference starting this Friday that costs $377 and  includes ‘pickup practice’ in bars.
  2. “My advice to guys: Love is just a tweet away” by Ellis Henican: about the importance of  ‘applying up-to-date techniques from the worlds of digital social media & branding’.

I can’t seem to find either article online to link for you lovelies to read, so I’ll just list the tips that were featured in the 1st article.

“Five Tips For Dating Like A Pro”

source – am New York

  1. Forget the New York Mentality – that you can always “trade-up”. If you’ve found someone great, it’s mission accomplished.
  2. Don’t talk too much – ask plenty of questions and please, relax.
  3. Pick unconventional date places – where touching your date is natural (ex. comedy club, park).
  4. For guys – talk louder than you think you need to. Nerves often make men speak too softly.
  5. For gals – don’t expect guys to pay for expensive dates in the beginning. Some resent that.

Dahlings, what are your thoughts on these pro-dating tips???