Closet Shopping: Just found these, what to wear with please?

Written by on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 with 11 comments
I love my LBD’s but they don’t really go with these gorg Valentino Layered Bow Pumps. Just found them when I went ‘closet shopping‘.
Any suggestions with what to pair these cuties up with??

(Rose suede with nude trim. Layered bow on vamp.
Peep toe. Covered platform. 4 3/4″ covered heel.)

This is the Neiman Marcus stock pic – how do I get the bows to ‘poof‘ up like this???

Maybe if I had an open shoe closet, like Mariah Carey, to display them…

Damn, Damn, DAMN!!


p.s. I’m looking for a similar chair for my bedroom. AND – have you guys seen MC in her Obsession video dressed as a man? Waaay too believable- yeesh!!

11 Comments on “Closet Shopping: Just found these, what to wear with please?”

  1. Ohhh those shoes are HOT mama! I dont know how to get the ruffles up?!! haha I seriously stared at this forever. Hmmm…

    I got your email, gonna write you back a long ass one in the am I love you girl!!! And that bitch..if she ever shows her anonymous face around here again…mhhhmm…there's a new sheriff in town. DONT MESS WITH MY GIRLS.

    You better be asleep!!!

  2. Those are so gorgeous!! and I honestly think they look better when the bows and laying lower on the shoe, like yours are. I would wear it with a printed dress, but with very light colors, like cream and pink something like that.

  3. The only way the shoe bows will 'poof' like that is if they are fluffed and stitched by the tiny hands of child laborers chained to their work tables in some third world backwater. It's the stealing of their young hopes and dreams that gives the bows an exuberance that they wouldn't get from the fingers of those who've given up on life.

  4. THOSE SHOES ARE AMAZING!!! just stunning!

    and that bitch mariah. oh that closet. god, it just isn't fair!

    and i LOVE your idea for the bitch is the new black tv show!!! i have ideas for casting!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  5. …………………………………………………………What?! Sorry! I passed out for a sec. when I saw those Valentinos. I'd say wear it with a minimal dress–those are kind of like a great piece of jewelery, and they should be the focus of the outfit. And- There was a guy at Neimans once who told me I could get my pumps that had an loop on the end to stay pofed by putting super glue on the inside of the poof. I didn't trust him, so I didn't do that-U can't put glue on satin! So- that was weird!
    -Those u have don't look bad just going flat like that tho- I thought they were supposed to be like that until u showed the poofed pic!

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