So I had my 7th or 8th 3 hour convo with Dr. 85034 last night, and I had to ask (politely of course), what was the point of us talking? I mean he is like 2500 miles away, has 3 (yes 3!) years of residency left and is only coming to NYC to run the marathon, not to specifically meet me (it’s just a mere convenience for him, that’s all).

I mean, our convos are interesting, but I have no idea what he is really looking for and since we only speak every 4 or 5 days, I kind of forget I am talking to him in general. He was saying you don’t know someone until you meet them (duh) which is true, but he only has 1 day out of 4 that we could meet up (the day after the marathon!!). He also said I basically would have to work around his schedule considering his career, location, blah blah…and although it sounds selfish, he’s actually right. Which makes me actually not interested…lol. I’m definitely not the one to accommodate my life to someone else’s, after all isn’t all about compromise? 😉

He said I may be over-analyzing everything, but the point is I don’t want to waste my energy on someone who isn’t on the same page as I…

In any case we scheduled to meet up that day he is here, although I’m not sure if that will still happen, and guess what…I really don’t care!

Speaking of future Neurosurgeons, another brainiac came up on my match list and decided to talk to me, this one from Indianapolis: 31 y.o., 6’1, dark haired & dark eyed (and very cute) “Dr. 46240”. Sheesh. Not sure why I am talking to another one, but since I don’t like to stereotype or generalize, we shall try the ‘brain doc’ option one more time.

I guess.

Dr. 46240 has only 1 yr left at residency and went to med school on the east coast. 1 year is waaay better than 3…right?