The latest trend in the dating app world seems to be group dating. The premise being that your friends are also on dating sites & apps so why not do it together. There have been several apps popping up around this concept. The most popular being Grouper.

Grouper organizes group dates for users. How it works: “Date candidates pick two “wingmen,”  pay $20 per person, and are then matched up with another group of three friends. The app pays for the first round of drinks, leaving the rest of the night up to the group.” They claim “With your friends there it’s always fun, always comfortable. No labels, no pressure. Just friends hanging out with friends.”

The Dating Ring is a site that still owes me money but operates as a modern matchmaker by conducting a brief Q&A with you to help set you up with a match. They recently went under a relaunch and have now allowed for one-on-one dates based on their customers feedback.

I personally would be uncomfortable with this concept.

We all date in our own way and if I wanted to go out in a group, I’d plan that on my own. I wouldn’t pay for a service. I’d rather have my friends involved by sharing texts with them and getting their feedback. Not necessarily having them on the date to watch the awkwardness.

So tell me lovelies… would you try group dating? If you have tried it, how did it go?


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*source; photo: Viktor Hanacek