I want my winter beauty regimen to be as simple as possible. So products that work at first use, have gorg scents and make my hair & skin look its usual fabulush, are totes products I will use again & again. Here are my fav products for winter skin & hair…  

  • HAIR: Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment. This double-duty conditioner is both affordable & effective. My hair needs extra moisturizing during the dry winter months and Dove’s treatment does the trick. With a white stripe that contains conditioner to lock in nutrients and smooth frizz plus a gold stripe that contains nutri-oils, this daily treatment is amaze x 100.
  • FACE: Borghese Fango Delicato Active Mud for Delicate Dry Skin. I use a mask once every 2 weeks for my sensitive skin. I put this on 20 mins before I shower and the results are stunning. My skin is soft like a new born baby’s and recharged with hydration. The scent is lovely too – one of my favs (try this!!).
  • BODY: Kiehls Creme de Corps. I usually use a body butter or a spray oil for my daily body conditioner but during the winter months, I need more hydration. This conditioner is excellent for the dry winter months because it is has a medium-thick texture that absorbs quickly. After applying, let it soak into your skin for a few minutes. After 2 weeks of application, you will totes feel how soft your skin is…SOOOFT x 100.
  • LIPS & NAILS: Caswell-Massey’s Dr. Hunter’s Lip Salve. With lanolin, sweet almond, aloe and jojoba, I apply this to my lips & cuticles as part of my evening beauty regimen. Make sure you take care of your cuticles lovelies, it’s a city girl essential.
  • HANDS: Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream. I wash my hands like a mad woman, so I need a hand cream that will last longer than just a reapply at my desk. The scent is clean, the formula is absorbent and it soothes my winter-parched skin. Seriously, when I apply it, I get that “ahh” feeling. Enough said.
Dahlings, what beauty products do you use during the winter season? Seriously, I want to know…