by @KimberleeVDW

“Call me now!” Anyone else remember those psychic reading hotline commercials? Let me start off by saying that I am not a believer in psychics. Several women in my family go to them quite often and depending on their readings it can make or break their day/week/year. I don’t think anyone should take them too seriously.

But you should try everything once, right?

I was invited by Psychic Source to get my own love reading “to gain some clarity about what or who our advisors see in your future.” Before my call they asked for my full name and birth date. Once on the phone, Seanna (my reader), explained she is an astrological reader and tarot card reader. Before putting my chart together, she asked my birth time and which city/state I was born.

In terms of love, she had these 3 premonitions for me in 2015:
  1. An ex will try and come back in the next few weeks saying how sorry he is.
  2. I will have a fling with a hipster-type in April/May.
  3. I will meet a more mature (perhaps older in age) man in August that will lead to a long-term relationship (potentially marriage if we can communicate well). It’s going to be a busy year for me!
She also recommended that I literally write pen to paper the kind of man I want. “The universe will hear you and bring that person into your life when the time is right.” She is a believer in “thoughts will become things” so if I think I deserve a great guy then it will happen when I’m ready. 

Overall, it was a fun experience. Seanna was very sweet to talk to. Of course, it’s always exciting to hear you’re going to meet someone. We’ll see how accurate it is in April. In the meantime, I will try to be more positive and actually write down the man I want to come into my life this year.

So what about you lovelies… have you ever had a psychic reading? What was your experience?

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Photo: Viktor Hanacek; Disclosure:  This post is based on a service that was given to Midtown Girl’s dating columnist. All opinions expressed are from personal experience using this service.