Dear Midtown Girl,

One of my good friends just got into a serious relationship. Before she did we were basically inseparable. We had amazing times meeting awesome guys and even going on double dates with some. Now that she has a boyfriend, things have totally changed. Every time we make plans our conversation revolves around who I’m dating/seeing. The last few dates I’ve had didn’t turn into much and her responses would be “this is why he won’t date you seriously” or “maybe you should just not put so much pressure on him”. When I tell her what’s goin on in my dating life she acts like she knows everything about dating and how “I’m dating wrong”.

She went from being an amazing friend to someone I now try to avoid. Why is she acting like this? I’m not jealous, I just want her to not judge me…

This reminds me of something I went though years ago. I had a friend who I hung out with ALL the time. After she hoe’d it out (the worst way possible, trust me I tried to stop her) she scored some ridic dating luck and found a boyfriend. She then completely morphed into my “dating guru”.

Example of our catch up convo:

Reformed Girlfriend: “So what happened with that last guy?”

MG: “Oh, it didn’t work out. He was cute, but whatever.”

RG: “MG, you’re being too picky. You need to RELAX.”

Oh, really RG? That’s interesting…coming from you.

Ok, so at the time I thought she was trying to make me feel bad about being single & not doing the right thing dating-wise. In reality, she really wanted me to find someone like she did, so we could take our friendship to the next stage. Does this make sense at all? Though it might seem like your friend is Miss Dating Know It All, if she’s a true friend she really just wants you to find a guy that makes you happy.

Tell her that you’ll find the right guy at the right time and for now…she just needs to focus on your friendship and not your current bf stat.

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