Dear MG,

Sigh…I’m so annoyed. I’ve been into this guy for a few months now and last night we texted for over 2 hours. When the convo turned to actually making a date, all of a sudden he STOPPED TEXTING back. WTF is this about? He’s done this before and it ended up “he had to take a work call”. Who knows what is going on, but I don’t get it bc we have such good conversations (via text, I know), but when it comes to calling or meeting up he’s MIA. Please advise…

I know you probs don’t want to here this but…he’s not that interested in you, dahling. Here’s how MG can tell:

  • He probs texts you when he’s got a few “free” hours to spare, which means he just killing time.
  • The fact he hasn’t made an effort to meet IRL means he doesn’t really want to.
  • He doesn’t respond to you after a 2 hour convo bc: 
    1. His girlfriend just walked into the room.
    2. He started texting someone he’s more interested in.
    3. He’s an ass (see a & b).
Whatever the reason doll, you totes need to not keep in touch with this guy. Next time he texts, wait 2 days, text him back with a “what’s up” and leave it at that.
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