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Tinder is a dark, dark place my friends. Since I first explored Tinder for Dating Girl nearly a year ago, I have deleted it twice… it will soon be three. Tinder is purely a numbers game. Men swipe right as often as they can to ensure a match because that’s the only way you can chat with someone. They also will give you two seconds and if you don’t give them the attention they want then they move on (nothing personal).

With that said, here are five types of guys you’re bound to run into on Tinder:

  1. “The Misleading Photo Guy”. You’ll find this guy on pretty much any dating app but Tinder has a whole other level of “misleading” because you have to click to see more than just a photo. Be warned. Sometimes if you’re just swiping you think someone looks harmless to only find out you couldn’t be more wrong. Now I make sure I read everything before swiping right.
  2. “The Promoter”. Their profile says “You can find me on Instagram @xxx” I see so many people put their Instagram handles in their profile… why not browse for chicks on Instagram then? Or I’ve seen guys say they’re just on Tinder to promote their new show (typically comedy). I guess whatever works, right?
  3. “Mr. Shady”. Usually the head is cut out and then you’ll read “married” – WHAT?! Seeing so many married men has crushed on my spirits, which is one of the many reasons I’ve deleted Tinder. Also, another reason to read their profile (if they bother to fill it out).
  4. “Gambling Man”. You can really tell the guys who just swiped right on anyone. Sometimes you may have a conversation but if you take too long to answer they’ve already moved on to the next gal. Don’t take it personally.
  5. “The unicorn”. The guy looking for a real thing. Perhaps it’s the jaded New Yorker in me but if you’re looking for a serious gal, why are you on a hook up app? I did connect with a guy recently and he’s been everything I didn’t think Tinder dudes were so we exchanged numbers. Perhaps I’ll have an update for you all soon!

What guys have you met on Tinder?

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Kimberlee blogs about her love of fashion and beauty at I Have A Degree In This!. She’s lived in Midtown Manhattan for 8 years and has tried it all when it comes to dating.

photo: Viktor Hanacek