As usual, I had let my roots get out of control (almost 2 inches!). I usually get my highlights & base touched up approx. 4 times a yr and after noticing my roots in my last style pic, I knew I had to get it done. Like STAT.

Lucky for me, I found darling Sean, who specializes in color at the The Drawing Room in Soho. With over 10 years of color experience in both L.A. & NYC, I was thankful Sean was there to rescue my hair.

Sean asked me what I wanted to do & I told him I needed a touch up for my highlights & roots, making sure to keep the same color I currently have (medium brown with caramel-ly highlights). I stopped going lighter years ago (can you dahlings believe I actually went blonde in my early 20’s…). 

Anywho, Sean began to work his magic using a technique call balayage, also known as “hair painting”, which is all the rage in the celebrity hair world. I am used to the standard foil treatment, so not having my head weighed down with 30 foil wrappers was totes a pleasant surprise.


Balayage is a color technique in which the highlights are literally “painted” on, which means the colorist must have an artistic eye (which Sean def has). This technique is used to achieve a more natural, highlighted look (where the sun would normally hit your hair). 

The Result: As soon as my hair  was washed, I could tell the color was going to be fabulush x 100

Because the result is more natural looking, your hair color grow outs gracefully and you can wait a bit longer before your next touch up (perf for MG!).

Thank you for the amaze color job Sean! I absolutely love my hair & love the technique. Dahlings, if you want to have Sean work magic on your locks as well, you can make an appt to get Balayage highlights at The Drawing Room here.

Have any of you dolls tried balayage highlights?



P.S. Tabatha (yes) was getting her hair cut a few chairs down…