by @KimberleeVDW; image via tinder

Swiping through Tinder at any give time, it is an endless parade of wacky photos that make you question why you even want to leave your comfortable single life. One after the other it’s a blurry, far away photo or an upside keg stand. Remember…Tinder connects to your Facebook page. It shocks me the type of photos people have on their profiles.

But anyways, having to sift through all that, it’s nice when once in awhile you see a decent photo. Here’s what your photo needs in order for me to swipe right:

1. Dogs! If you have a dog in your photo then I’m pretty swayed to swipe right. I’m a sucker.

2. Don’t have a cigarette in your mouth or beer in your hand. Smoking is a deal breaker for me and if you look like you’re still living out your college party years (in your 30s) then I’m automatically put off.

3. Look like one of my celeb crushes. A few times I’ve found myself thinking “ooh he looks like so and so” and felt myself wanting to swipe right merely for that fact. Tinder plays into our superficial sides.

4. Have good style. I love a dapper dude so if I see that you have good style in your photos then that is a huge plus.

5. Don’t use emojis. Was having this discussion with my friends recently. I think emojis have a time and place. Some guys on Tinder have their profile FILLED with emojis. Turn off.

6. Your main photo is natural look. There are so many weird/far away/overly posed/ or blurry photos as the person’s MAIN photo. That’s the best photo you can put out there to lure a mate? Put a little effort in.

7. You’re not on a throne. Amy alerted me to this trend and I hadn’t seen one. Then… it happened.

8. You’re swiping from New York. Tinder has added a new feature to show where someone is swiping so you can swipe in a new city if you’re traveling. I’m sorry. I don’t want to hook up with a guy who is only in town for the weekend.

9. You don’t promote your other social networks in your profile. Holy crap! Why does everyone put their Instagram profile in their Tinder profile? And if they’re a “music producer” they link to their Soundcloud. Sigh.

10. (Insert sarcastic comment here). Tinder boys are too sarcastic for their own good. Many have (insert here) like they are the first one to ever come up with that idea. Just leave it blank.

What do you look for in a person’s Tinder profile?


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