HTC & The City: Droid Incredible 2

Written by on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 with 2 comments

Fits perf in my pink Gucci agenda<3

You dahlings remember how much I adored the orig Incredible, right?? Sooo much so, that it has been my cell for the past year. And lucky for MG, the lovelies folks at HTC have upgraded me to the 4-in super LCD screen Droid Incredible 2 and I am uber EXCITED.  Here’s why…

  1. Take Amaze Pics: With a front & back (8 megapixel) camera, how can you not take fabulush pics with your besties (p.s. Instagram is coming soon to Droids – cannot wait.
  2. Make The City Your Office: The Incredible 2 turns into a 3G Mobile Hotspot for up to 5 other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Which means you can totes handle your biz anywhere you want – Uptown, Downtown, MIDTOWN, wherevz!
  3. Be A Global Girl: Bc the Droid Incredible 2 comes completely global ready, you are instantly Jet-Setter Mobile Chic.

So…where are we traveling to dolls?


2 Comments on “HTC & The City: Droid Incredible 2”

  1. You lucky girl! Damn you hehe I need to upgrade my Incredible and was wondering if I should go Incredible 2 or Thunderbolt.
    P.S. Love the Midtown Girl theme of the photo 🙂

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