I’ve been a Droid Incredible user for the past 3 years now and when I had the opp to test out the new Droid Incredible 4G, I was totes excited! The Incredible 4G is an updated version of the Incredible 2 with a thinner (and lighter) design and running on super fast 4G LTE with Verizon. The 4G also incorporates Beats Audio which is espesh important if you watch as many reality shows on your mobile device as I do (totes reality show obsessed). Check out some of the new Incredible 4G features below…

  1. The 4G has a crisp & bright 4 inch display with 3 soft buttons on the bottom for the back, home & menu.
  2. Incredible has one of the best cameras for mobile devices (IMO), with a 28mm, 8MP camera. I have taken many pics in designer showrooms with the Incredible and the designers are always impressed with the picture quality. I often use this camera instead of my point-and-shoot. (The 4G also has new filters you can add to your pics).
  3. The apps load quickly without any lag (which is so important espesh when you are running multiple apps (like most social media  folks like myself do).
Dahlings to check out more specs on the Incredible 4G, go here.