I need my blogging accessories to be mobile, lightweight & dually functional. Enter the Samsung ATIV Smart PC tablet, which offers the same power and speed as a desktop computer but in tablet format. Not only is it a visually stunning device, it travels well & is now a part of my everyday work space. Here are MG’s 5 favorite things about the Samsung ATIV Tablet…

  1. It’s an ultra-thin tablet. Lightweight (1.68 lbs) & ultra portable, the Samsung ATIV has a stunning 11.6″ HD Gloss LED Touchscreen Display.
  2. It’s a FULLY functioning PC. The Samsung ATIV tablet runs a Windows® 8 (32-bit) Operating System, so it’s a complete workstation. Yes, it’s actually a laptop in a tablet form. Perfect for bloggers, social media strategists & entrepreneurs like MG.
  3. Run MS Office while working your social media platforms. With an Intel® 1.8 GHz processor, 64GB drive & 2GB of system memory, your workstation is an ultra-thin portable powerhouse.
  4. A long battery life. I’ve worked on the tablet for almost 4 hours before it needed to be charged. This feature alone makes it excellent for travel.
  5. Can be converted to a desktop or a personal design pad.  Purchased separately, you can convert the tablet to a desktop with its docking keyboard. The S Pen (also can be purchased separately)  is great for jotting notes during meetings, writing down ideas for future blog posts & sending hand written letters (yes, people still like to receive these).

So tell me dahlings, do you use a tablet for blogging?

Disclosure: This review is of a product that was given to me.  All opinions expressed are unbiased & from my personal experience with this product.