Dating Girl: Are Dating Apps Killing Romance?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 with 2 comments

by @KimberleeVDW I’ve shared my reviews of dating apps before for Dating Girl, most being negative experiences. But with more and more people owning smartphones, that seems to be the new wave of dating. I’m worried it’s not all good. It’s bad enough people stare at… Continue Reading

Dating Girl: 5 Ways To Navigate Through Tinder

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 with 0 comments

image: By @KimberleeVDW  I did it! I ventured into the world of Tinder. When it comes to dating, I’m pretty open to trying anything…meaning sites/apps. I was doing online dating when it was still taboo and you didn’t tell people. Now it’s the social norm to… Continue Reading