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My heart, soul, dreams…live in Midtown, Manhattan NYC

You lovelies already know how much I heart my Droid Incredible right? Well now that I have officially switched from my pink BB to the Droid, I had to look into apps that would fit my Midtown Girl lifestyle (fabulush, hello). I already had most of the essentials but wanted to add a few more apps that would integrate seamlessly with my busy schedule…



Have a spontaneous date opp and not sure where to go??? The next time you need to plan a last minute date or if your gf’s need to chat STAT and you need a place to suit all your tastes, Where is there to the rescue. ‘Where’ helps you discover new places based on your personal preferences. It also offers real-time user reviews for local restaurants, businesses, events, movies, weather, news, traffic information, special offers and coupons. Select where you’d like to go and instantly get text or mapped directions. source

Key Ring


Because Duane Reade & CVS are my lifelines. What city girl hasn’t purchased Essie polish, Febreze room candles & ROC eye moisturizer while out on a midnight toothpaste run?! Key Ring uses a bar code scanner technology to create a digital copy of your reward/loyalty cards and stores them on your phone.  When you get to checkout, all you do is scan the bar code from your screen. The app also helps you collect and redeem offers from your fav stores. Sweeeeeet.



Google Maps is a fantastic app and with Voice Search I can figure out how to get to any destination simply by saying “navigate to…” and get my directions immediately. BUT…with events/meetings/social dates located all over the city throughout the day (an eve of course) cabs are just a necessity (and my preferred way of travel). Let’s be honest – MG usually cabs it. I have a few tricks of my own to find a much needed cabbie during peak hours, but if you’re not a taxi-pro like myself, CabSense will help you out. It uses New York City taxi location data to help users find the best street corners near them to catch an available taxi at any given day and time. CabSense even has a Taxi Hailer – when users find an available taxi, they can simply shake the phone and it will whistle for them”. source

WordPress for Android


Essential for WP bloggers period. Get it now – GO! Perfect for mobile outfit posts/fabulush NYC shots/craptastic dating stories that you want to share ASAP with your awesome readers..because I know you need to know.



Do I need to explain this one? You dolls know what’s up – TWITTER IS GOLD.



I finally found a live streaming video app that let’s me take vids of MidtownPup’s dancing abilities (yup, she’s got some moves) on the go and be able to share them. Concerts, crazy city folk, breaking news – video & live stream it while interacting with your besties in real time.

Dahlings – any Droid apps I’ve been missing out on? Please share bc I’m officially mobile obsessed.


4 Comments on “Droid Apps for City Girls & Mobile Mavens”

  1. I hope you find all the apps that will fit with your Midtown Girl life.

    I hope you’ve had a great week. I certainly have. Thanks for your comment on my Eva Mendes post. I appreciate it. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  2. This is a great read! I’m currently waiting for my upgrade to switch from my pink BB to the Droid and live in Manhattan as well, so this is perfect!

    Also, I’m going to re-blog your post (in my own little way haha) so hopefully my friends can also read along and see how awesomely brilliant you are!!


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