Online-Dating World: Random Insight on Random Guys…

Written by on Thursday, May 28th, 2009 with 7 comments

So this evening, as I was checking out some matches that had emailed me, I thought I would give you dahlings a brief glimpse at a couple of interesting responses to the following profile question:

“Is there any additional info you would like your matches to know?

Plain Joe Mutual Fund Guy’s
response –
“I’m worth the chance, and worth the time. I’m the good/nice/balanced guy you say you are looking for. Your family will like me. Your friends will like me. I guarantee it. That’s not cocky, it’s based on past experience.”
(If you have to say it, ur prob not!)

Diesel Attorney
‘s response (complete w. full torso pics)

“I own at least 20 tank tops.”

Have a wonderful Friday lovelies!!


7 Comments on “Online-Dating World: Random Insight on Random Guys…”

  1. I own 20 tank tops! LMAO! He should have said,” I own 20 pair of underwear and there is not one skidmark” HAHA!!

  2. ‘I own at least 20 tank tops’ -hilarious.Thanks for sharing these funny online dating profiles with us.I am still laughing. Have a great weekend.

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