TMI: Without Saying a Word…

Mar 19th 2010 18 Comments

Twitpic from Duane Reade – “from Midtown to Flushing”.  Get it??

Hi, my dahlings! I have missed you x 100 and I am sooo excited to be part of your bloggy lives again 😉

So, sometime ago, after chatting back & forth via email with a new fellow, we decided to take the next step and talk over the phone.


Let’s call said gent TMI. TMI is an international business consultant in his early-thirties, an IVY grad & a member of all sorts of fraternal like leagues. And – very attractive. Like scholar-hottie attractive.

TMI & I had lots of things in common – both foodies, went to same undergrad, similar music tastes, b-lah, b-lah. And according to our online dating profiles, our “personality traits” worked seamlessly (oh, the magic of compatibility analysis!).

Thus, I was uber excited to learn more about TMI. He called me one eve, while I was just coming in from a city downpour. I spoke to him for a few moments and asked if I could call him back bc I was drenched and wanted to change.

“Of course.” says TMI.

I change into something warm (and cashmere), feed Midtown Pups and then ring up TMI. TMI picks up and we begin to chat. After sometime, convo shifts to his recent travels…

HE: “I just came back from London, from a 3 month long work trip.”

ME: “Oh, nice. Was it your first time there?”

HE: “No, I actually go there quite often. I am a fan of English culture & etiquette.”

ME: “Understandably so… I would love to make a trip there sometime in the near future.”

Convo sounds kinda dry, right? Right.

But, TMI seemed to have some sort of Hugh Grant essence permeating thru his voice, which was kept our convo lasting longer than it probably should have…

TMI pauses our convo mid-subject and asks to give him a min.

“Sure!”, I respond.

A few moments later, TMI resumes our convo and asks –

HE: “I would really love to meet. Are you free Friday for dinner?”

ME: “Yes, that sounds lovely. Let’s get in touch later this week with details?”

HE: “Excellent. I will speak to you tomorrow.”

Then, juuust as he is about to hang up, I hear…


OMG. Seriously?


p.s. – Sorry, but the visual forced me to cancel the date. XOXO

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18 Comments to “TMI: Without Saying a Word…”

  1. Poochie says:

    OMG! No he didn’t! I HATE that. It’s so rude.

  2. AHHAHAHA!!! What a great story. I’m always loving the 1,000 flushes!

  3. Jessi says:

    Ewww!! Yeah, in general, I have a no-talking-on-the-phone-while-doing-your-bathroom-biz rule. Not okay.

  4. Jessi says:

    P.S. Love the new blog digs!! 🙂

  5. joliejamie says:

    What is wrong with him!! haha
    Love the new layout! xx

  6. Jack says:

    Ugh , Can understand why you canceled the date , Where is his english etiquette.

  7. Glendy says:

    ummm… wait darling, don’t you have something “else” to do this Friday? haha


  8. Kristin says:

    SHUT UP. He couldn’t hold it? Geesh.

  9. No way! I can’t blame you for canceling.

  10. jasna says:

    Oh my wat a story hun! Glad to have u back : ) xxx

  11. Miss Journey says:

    Yes, we missed you. Happy to have you back. The new site is fun and cute. I love the changes.

    Lol @ that story. I feel like toilet etiquette is such a common rule ESPECIALLY on your first real phone interaction; and he said he’s interested in English etiquette. Ha!

    P.S. Do you watch Millionaire Matchmaker? I’ve been watching it recently, and I definitely thought about you and your dating stories.

  12. Yayay! Welcome back, my love! And ohmigosh the new Midtown Girl is divine – even more fabulous than before…if that’s even possible, of course! Love it, love it, love it!

    I don’t, however, love TMI…and I totally see why you canceled the date. A boy I was crushing on once called me while he was in the restroom…as in, I could “hear him” going. Definitely sets the mood, doesn’t it? 🙂

  13. otin says:

    I can never understand why people find it okay to talk on the phone while they are using the toilet.

    The blog looks awesome! Very cool!!!

  14. Love the new blog look sweets and we do have to set something up. I’ve been freaken busy running back and forth so much I miss you!

    And lol about flushing.. Whats wrong with people seriously

  15. Lewis Webb says:

    That’s certianly not something he picked up in England… quite unacceptable!

  16. alixrose says:

    LOL! OH MY!
    This made me laugh, dear goodness!

  17. WendyB says:


  18. Manhattanite says:

    ok, yes, GROSS, but are you really never going to see him again bc of this?! if everything else I awesome, and this is his biggest fault, this guy is pretty great! lol

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