I was fortunate enough to become friends with Jasna of FashionJazz, via Twitter.  Even though her time zone differs from mine, since she hails from Cape Town, South Africa (I can only hope to visit one day), she never fails to brighten my day with her sweet & endearing comments. Check out Jasna’s international rock-chic style…

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is a huge mixture of trends – I like to experiment with different items whilst still sticking to an individual style. I really love to wear clothes differently than how they are supposed to be worn or discovering the versatility in an item. If I had to define my style in words I would have to say a mixture of rock chic/quirky.

What is your ‘go-to’ outfit?

It changes quite a bit, but majority of the time it’s jeans that are rolled up or leggings, rock tee, lots of layers, faux leather or fur jacket, heels and a lot of accessories.

Where is your fav place to shop?

There are quite a few places I like to shop and it all varies on my mood and what items I am looking for. Young Designers Emporium is on the top of my list of as there is always such a variety of trends and designers in one shop. I like retail stores like Foschini and woolies for a few trendy and classic items. Small boutiques and vintage stores are always the best places to find one of a kind items.

Who is your fav independent designer from Cape Town, South Africa?

Christopher Strong.

How will you be updating your wardrobe for the current season?

Well because we are going into winter on this side, I will be updating my wardrobe with a mixture if the winter and new summer trends. Winter I will be wearing different styles and colour tights as well as over the knee socks, a cape, more faux fur coats and boleros and anything faux leather.

To keep in trend with the summer trends over seas and incorporate them into my winter wardrobe, I will be adding florals, pastel colours, long dresses and  platform heels.

Is there a specific city-style unique to Cape Town fashionistas?

I find most Cape Town Fashionistas tend to stick to the casual and chic look and they like to wear trends and make it their own.

What is the most beloved item in your closet?

My faux fur jackets.

What is the one piece every woman should have in their wardrobe?

A really stylish but classic coat as you can dress it up or down and it never goes out of style.

Who is your style icon?

I have a few like the Olsen’s and Nicole Richie, but Chloe Sevigny is the ultimate style icon in my eyes. Her way if interpreting trends and styling her clothes is a huge source of inspiration.

What is your fav thing to do in NYC and if you’ve never been, what have you always wanted to do here?

I unfortunately have never been to NYC, but I have so many blogging friends from NYC and the little bit I have seen makes me want to to go to all the boutiques, restaurants and above all Fashion Week!

Heart this Cape Town Fashionista, darling Jasna!!! <3