Happy New Year Dahlings – Welcome 2010!

Written by on Friday, January 1st, 2010 with 18 comments
Though 2009 was a tough year for many of us in different ways, I truly believe 2010 will be a year drenched in excitement, career goals, experiences with wonderful people, and new opportunities met with success in making all our dreams come true.

And for Midtown Girl, here’s to a FABULUSH NEW YEAR, bringing you dahlings inside the lifestyle of a NYC girl with more dating stories, New York fashion editorials & reviews, fabulous events, Manhattan living and everything New York City!!

Midtown Girl & Midtown Pups welcomes 2010
Love you tons, my dahlings!!

New Year’s kissies,

Speaking of New Year’s…
Some beloved friends who live near Times Square described to me J.Lo’s outfit…uhm-WTF, J.Lo?!?!
Jennifer Lopez’s New Year’s Catsuit


18 Comments on “Happy New Year Dahlings – Welcome 2010!”

  1. Happy New Year to you!!! I hope that you had a great time!

    JLo looked pretty damned hot to me. I'm not sure that it was the best fashion statement, but it looked good from where I was sitting!

    You got the first comment of 2010 from me!

  2. Jennifer Lopez can wear clothes like that, and we all can. We don't need anyone's permission. Let ourselves feel free this new year!


  3. Hmmm… if I was 40+ and had just given birth to twins, maybe I would fire my stylist and wear this horrible getup too. Just because!

    Happy 2010 and hope you had fun yesterday! xo

  4. Those are amazing new year's eve pictures. Hope you enjoy every second 😀

    btw, I would fire my stylist if I was J-Lo. Those outfit didn't compliment her AT ALL.

  5. Happy 2010!! I'm SO excited to see what the year will bring!

    Um, yeah, about that outfit… So, the girl's got serious cajones for rockin' it in a unitard, catsuit, whatever you want to call that business… BUT. I don't think even the most in-shape dancers look good in uni's. Uni's are generally unflattering, in my opinion.

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