The holidays are a stressful time period, let alone being single. As soon as I leave Manhattan, I’m no longer this proud, independent single 29-year old. I’m this strange creature that every looks at in suburbia land with pity.

A black sheep. It’s almost as bad as weddings.

My family, as I’m sure many families do, constantly brings to attention my singleness at family functions. I also have the unfortunate pleasure of being the only single person left of all the cousins. YIPEE! Because of this, I’m either at the kids table (which is way funner) or my mom seats me next to her like she’s my protector.

God forbid I sit alone! 

I think it’s a lot of pressure to bring a date to your family functions because they’re ALL there. I would wait until you’re pretty serious before bringing them around to holiday events. Although, I’ve thought about bringing a guy to an occasion where all the family is there because then he’ll only have to interact for 5 minutes, then bounce to the next person lol.

I’ve had many years to think about this people. 

The bright side of being single during the holidays is not having to deal with the two-family conundrum. Dealing with one mother during the holidays can be stressful enough but adding your significant other’s mom – NO THANKS! Seems like a nightmare for the couples I know, so I’m always grateful I don’t have to deal with that…yet.

How are you dealing with being single this holiday season? Share your advice below!

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