In this Wednesday’s SIMC epi, we have the Beautiful Ballerina:
Jessi from Better Late Than Never,
on location in Fort Collins, CO!

Describe the ‘Dating Scene’ in your city:

Fort Collins, a small city about an hour north of Denver, has a pretty laid back dating scene, I would say. While nicer attire might be required to get into some restaurants and bars in other parts of the country, here in Northern Colorado jeans and a fleece North Face jacket are perfectly acceptable, and that is reflected in the dating attitude ’round these parts. Not that girls don’t rock the heels or gloss their lips – they just do it in denim and Polartec gear!

The FoCo is home to many micro-breweries – ever hear of New Belgium? Fat Tire, anyone?? – so beer culture definitely has an influence on the dating scene. It’s not so chill that one can’t order a quality martini if beer doesn’t suit your fancy (like for yours truly, for example), but it is definitely more relaxed than going out in downtown Denver. On one hand it’s nice because there is less pressure to get all dolled up and look perfect, but on the other hand it can make a girl a bit self-conscious that she’s overdressed on some occasions.

Are you an Online Dater?

I’ve never intentionally dated online… and let me clarify that statement… I did date a couple guys I “met” on MySpace several years ago (omigod, MySpace… I’m embarrassed just typing that), one of which turned into a 6-month relationship. While both were perfectly normal, nice, fun guys, I decided after MySpace guy #2 to just throw back to the old-school and meet guys face-to-face and decide after having a real-time, live conversation with them if conversations over dinner or drinks would follow. I’m not against online dating generally-speaking, it’s just not for me. I’ve been in a relationship for a couple months now, and I’m happy to say we met old-school style.

Guys you Avoid like the PLAGUE:

Well, you know, the usual… the tools, the d-bags, the creepers, the drunks, the testosterone-overloaded frat boys… yes, I said it… and any intelligent gal can tell if a guy is giving off any of these vibes within minutes of chatting with him or even just watching how he acts with his friends. Also, guys that lack direction in life. I have dreams and plans for my life, and I want my partner in crime to want the same for his own. Oh, and someone who isn’t willing to play… meaning a guy who takes himself too seriously. Where’s the fun in that??

Any Specific “Type” of Guy that runs rampant in your city?

Since Fort Collins is nestled up against the Rockies, plus the whole micro-brewery thing, the outdoors-y type of guy definitely dominates here. Not that every single guy is Grizzly Joe with a Jesus-length beard and hiking boots (thank god), but a good number of them are active dudes. Skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking, snowshoeing, biking, camping, fishing, kayaking… it’s kinda how we roll here in Colorado.

Fave Date Spots:

For nighttime dates, I like bars and restaurants… I’m a foodie of sorts, so you please my palate and I’m a happy gal! My favorite bar in Fort Collins is Elliot’s Martini Bar. Hands down. It’s a martini bar and it’s been a favorite of mine for many, many years. The BF and I had our first date here, and it’s still our go-to if we want to go out for a drink.

I also love the Rio (fab margs!), Enzio’s (great Italian food and wine), The Crown Pub (their bleu cheese burgers, OMG) and if something a bit swankier is on the agenda, Jay’s Bistro makes a quality cocktail which can be enjoyed while a live jazz band plays in the background. [I’m amused with myself… here I am talking up FoCo as a beer-centric haven for the outdoor enthusiast, and beer isn’t listed once in my fave spots – lol!]

For day time, outdoor festivals or events are lots of fun, and Fort Collins’ summer lineup isn’t too bad for a small city… my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e is the Greek Festival, which takes place in August. I don’t know why, but I adore the Greek Festival… eating baklava and drinking ouzo, learning Greek dances, and yelling “Opa!!” just makes me SO happy.

Staple Go-To Date Outy:

If it’s summer, a dress or skirt is my preference. In fall/winter, jeans is a staple, dressed up with cute flats or heels. Looking cute and stylish is important, but comfort has some influence, too. I love the height I obtain when wearing heels – I grow to six feet tall which makes me feel like a model – but sometimes this dancer’s feet just can’t take heels, so cute ballet flats or sandals win out.

Most Romantic Attribute of your city:

The landscape and the weather… the mountain view is beautiful, the sun shines more often than not, and blue skies abound! In the winter, softly falling snow can be very romantic and I love the lights the city puts in the trees that line downtown’s streets during the holidays… they look like stars! Romantic indeed.

Thank you Jessi from Fort Collins, CO!!
And how hilarious was her description of one guy “type” that is in FoCo:

“Grizzly Joe with a Jesus-length beard and hiking boots

I’m dying – LOL!!!

Happy mid-week kissies,

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