In this Wednesday’s SIMC epi, we have the super adorable:

Allie from HotRobot,
on location in Hawaii!
Describe the ‘Dating Scene’ in your city:

“Small World,” the dating scene on a small island can become pretty complicated. Everyone knows everyone in some roundabout way or another. In Hawaii, people are always trying to figure out how one person connects to another. The random guy at the bar could be your second cousin’s ex-boyfriend, your high school friend’s neighbor; or most commonly, a friend of a friend. The dating scene in Hawaii can be a tricky place to navigate.

Are you an Online Dater?

I’ve never been an online dater. I have met and befriended a few people off MySpace and Facebook, but nothing ever progressed into anything romantic. One of my good girlfriends has been dating a guy that she met on MySpace for about a year now, and a blog friend of mine just married a guy she met on MySpace a few years ago! I know there’s a lot of stigma surrounding online dating, but if you’re prudent about it, it could turn out to be an amazing experience I imagine.
Guys you Avoid like the PLAGUE:
Club promoters, frat boys, bartenders, lifeguards, surf instructors, and stereotypical surfer boys. Oh, the surfers are the tricky ones. They have great tans, nice shoulders, back muscles, laid back, and can be easy to talk to. But these guys are constantly surrounded by beautiful girls at the beach, and the wandering eye is a common problem.

Any Specific “Type” of Guy that runs rampant in your city?
Your typical Hawaii Local Boy is very much in his comfort bubble. He’s routine, stubborn, reluctant to try new things. Hawaii is also quite the military stomping ground. Local women typically find military men to be girl-crazy, loud, obnoxious, unwilling to adapt to Hawaii culture, and at the same time some military men try TOO hard to adapt to Hawaii culture.
Fave Date Spots:
My boyfriend knows that the way to my heart is sushi, so we have our favorite spots to eat sushi. But my favorite date spot is actually somewhere I took him for his birthday. We had a picnic lunch at the park near my house, I used to go there all the time with my dad when I was a kid.

Staple Go-To Date Outy:
It’s pretty simple, really. Leggings or skinnies, a tunic, bold necklace, and heels.
Most Romantic Attribute of your city:

The beach, DUH!

Yea, Duh – LOL! How uber-cute is Allie?!?!
And uhm, about Hawaii…do I really have to sell the fabulushness of it to ya, dahlings? La-Huvs it!

Mid-week kissies,

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