In this Wednesday’s SIMC blogisode, we have the beautiful:
Alix from AlixRose, on location in Seattle!

How would you describe the ‘dating scene’ in your city?

It’s really hard to describe because I don’t really feel like there is an actual scene. I love Seattle, the bars, the clubs, the restaurants – they all have an amazing vibe and feel. I definitely can’t wait for Friday night. The most attractive thing about “the scene” is that its very relaxed.

But that can also be the problem. Seattle is social, but people are social within their groups. Its not a bad thing, its just that we like to hang out with our friends. So the dating scene is usually restricted to who you know or to who your friends hang out with.

Have you in the past or are you currently, online-dating?

I’ve never done online dating, but I know people who have or currently are, I get mixed reviews. I am still giving it serious consideration.

If yes, in your opinion, do you think online-dating is a better way to meet new people rather than the traditional meet at a bar/club/restaurant/bookstore/where-ever, scene? Why?

Even though I’ve never done it, am still going to answer this question. I am considering it because I have done the whole meet someone in a bar or party thing before, obviously it never worked out or I wouldn’t be single.. 😉

But at least online you have a chance to get to know the person better before there is any number exchanging. I know people think its a little scary, but not as scary as meeting someone in a bar and giving them your number.

What sort of guys do you try to avoid like the plague?

I don’t really want to put anyone down so it might be easier for me to answer what I do like. A guy who takes pride in what he looks like, who has manners and can keep me interested in a conversation. I have to say even though am a social person I can be shy.

Is there a specific “type” that runs rampant in your city?

I don’t think there’s a type, but it really depends on which part of Seattle you are in.. but then that can be said for any city. I know when people think Seattle, they think Microsoft, grunge and hooded fleeces – Yes we have that, but I wouldn’t define Seattle by those types.

What are some of your favorite date spots to go to for dinner/cocktails or both (yay!)?

I think I go against the norm. I am not all for the quiet intimate setting. I like it where its a little lively, maybe even live music. A few weeks ago I headed with a few friends to a show at the new redone Crocodile. We watched a show and then headed over to the adjacent Tribulani and enjoyed some pizzas and wine. I couldn’t help thinking about how fun of a date that would be.

What is your staple go-to date outfit? Pics please!

The most important thing is to feel good in your outfit. As a petite lady I know that usually a dress or some fancy shorts will make my petite legs look long. I also like to go for royal colors because it bring out my skin tone. I can not leave the house with out some jewelry and a pair of heels. That’s my go to outfit for any night I want to feel good. What would you consider to be the most romantic attribute of your city?

Its hard to just name one. We are blessed to have the mountains, the water and brilliant blue skies all within eyes view. Seattle is romance.

I can’t wait to visit Seattle one day!!! AND – I sure as heck can’t wait to see one of my uber-fav bloggy-bud turned IRL great friends, Alix Rose.
Thank you & love you tons dahling!!!

Mid-week kissies,

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