Do I LOOK like I need a laugh?

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The other day, when I was crossing 34th st & 6th Ave – otherwise known as the Hell Zone, I was accosted by not one, but THREE comedy-show whoring, wannabe Brad Pitt looking, currently in career-transition actors. Or musicians. Whatevaz.

As I side-swept the first 2 and was just about to SideLINE the 3rd, the faux Brad Pitt yelled out to me –

“Oh come on, you look like you could use a laugh!”
I do? Damn & Ouch.

So oddly enough, when I finally got back to my apt later that eve, I turned on the telly and there was…Wanda Sykes!

I’m not too familiar with her performances, but I have caught a few of them and I have to say her comedic timing is def on point!

Her HBO special “Ima Be Me” was on and there were some parts that were effing HIGHlarious. Especially when she goes into deets about Jamie Lee Curtis & her new “Activia” gig – I was dying!

I tried to find that clip but I couldn’t – sawwwy! But I did find a clip of her describing her 1st bikini wax (both front & back) yikes & LOL:

Cause ya know – you guys
look like you could use a laugh ๐Ÿ˜‰


25 Comments on “Do I LOOK like I need a laugh?”

  1. I really like Wanda Sykes and have to say that I've never been side swiped by anyone who told me that I look like I needed a laugh. Other things, but not that.

    Look forward to meeting you on Sunday, if I don't get lost. I seriously believe everywhere I face is North.

    Btw, whatever happened with the mobile dating?

  2. Hahahahaha…I love Wanda! That was absolutely hilarious!!!! And I really did need a laugh so thank you, thank you, thank you! And now I'm going to youtube to find me some more Wanda to laugh at lol

  3. ah sorry to hear about the guy, boo.
    i know what you mean about comments like that. Do you wear glasses?? i think i saw a blurry pic of you and you had glasses. the reason i ask is because i wear glasses and people think i need to loosen up all. however, when i wear my contacts, i don't look as uptight. grr.

  4. wanda f*in kicks ass. she always makes me laugh.

    you should have just kick dude in the nuts and tell him there i got a good laugh ….

    oh and i've been totally ignoring you for the last couple days because you did a cardinal sin….. yup you tried to pass an award to me.

  5. I love to laugh!! When I'm upset, I find a great comic or funny movie to cheer me up-they're like auditory Prozac! ๐Ÿ™‚ That' waxing vid was craziness!!!:)
    I actually posted a funny clip to cure MY bad day yesterday-U should go watch it! ๐Ÿ™‚ You'll feel DOUBLE awesome!
    AAAAAAND-Dunno if u know him, but Katt Williams is one of my FAV comics!! Watch THIS video:

  6. I love Wanda Sykes!
    & as for that wannabe comedian, I would have just started laughing like a crazy person and then when he finally goes "what's so funny?" you just say, "your face."


  7. You aren't kidding lady. I DO look like I need a laugh! I just ordered a very form fitting bridesmaid dress a moment ago and I'm not exactly in fightin' shape. Time to commence EXTRA hard workouts. Ah ha ha.

  8. A good laugh definitely makes everything better, at least for the moment. But those corner hustlers can and often do have the opposite effect. I have run into a few that did put a smile on my face with their creative hustle. I specifically remember one who yelled as I was passing by "Yes! Sexy brown women ARE invited." It was silly but tickled me. lol

  9. I hate that stuff! I get "why arent you smiling?" ummm…prob because you're talking to me, douchebag… you!

  10. OMG I hate those Comedy Club guys (just thinking about them makes me cringe) however I LOVED this clip and it did make me laugh – so thank you.

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