This Halloween in NYC was…

Fun as HELL!!!

Ok, so in all honesty, this is the 3rd time I’ve worn my “Agent Sexy” costume and I am offish retiring it this year. BUT, I added a fuchsia wig & faux-ridic lashes to my costume & it looked FABULUSH!!! p.s. – Wigs are my new fav accessory…

The first Halloween party was at Dream Hotel with my girls <3

Stylist Bff Carl was a Ventriloquist

Bestie Jordana was an Ostrich (she made the outy herself!)

Jordie’s friend was Serena Williams – LOL.

Jordie’s BF was the “D*** in the Box” guy from SNL

Carl w. Faux-bama, LOL!


Jordana & her bf Jordan

Bestie Yuli was a Spartan Goddess

Then, it was Halloween party-time at Therapy with my boys!

Super-Hero Duo w. Flash Gordon – don’t we look fabulush!


Dolce was a Princess…isn’t she! <3

Dahlings – what did you dress up as this year?


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p.s.s. – Will be posting my “Ask MG” vid on Wed – look out for it dolls! XOXO