Current Stat: Lease RENEWAL & the City…

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So, remember my original lease post I did a few months ago? Well, I finally renegotiated my lease & I was able to keep my current rent – with NO increase!

I guess its kind of a win except…I’m still RENTING! Dammit.

Which means no pastel candy colored walls just yet, for moi…

In the mean time however, here is some eye candy
‘Candy Color Combinations’ from the Sofia Coppola 2006 film-

Marie Antoinette

Pale turquoises, light lilacs, butter yellows, creamy pinks…
Aren’t these colors just decadent?

One day I hope to have these..pretty PLEASE?


22 Comments on “Current Stat: Lease RENEWAL & the City…”

  1. Are you serious? Pastel candy colors just SCREAM trailer trash on lottery money. Maybe I spent too much time with the dark, wood heavy Brits and simply don't have a proper appreciation for lighter fare.

  2. Ummm…ok…do you know what I'm talking about???

    Anyways yay for no rent increase!!! Thats awesome!! I was commenting you at the same le time! I hope everything is ok…wtf was up with that drama? Sorry girl XOXO!!

  3. I live in North Carolina. A lot of people here live in trailers, and few of them ever win the lottery. As a matter of fact, many of the people that I work with live in trailers. We cannot all be Pennsylvania aristocrats! 🙂

  4. I agree with Otin. Trailer trash is a term that is really as offensive as the "N" word when used in such a context. Shameful! 🙁

  5. aww hope everything's okay dear ! well , no rent increase is great . right ? and i love that movie , marie antoinette . 🙂 have a nice day !

  6. I agree with Secretia — paint the walls. It's not wall paper and you paint over light colors.

    I rented for years and when I got my home went a bit crazy on color. However, I noticed every 3 or 4 years I paint again.

  7. Two things:
    1 – I just did a stupid power point presentatino for work and had to use that clip art of the contract you used hahaha.
    2 – Can't you just paint and then re-paint back to the wall's original color before you move out? I'm a renter too so I feel your pain :/

  8. Glad if you were going to keep renting that your rent didn't go up. Sorry you can't get your pastel colors. Some day your wishes may come true.

  9. such pretty Roccoco elements-I live in NYC and have painted two renters without losing my deposit-it makes such a difference xx

  10. go for the pastel walls… just paint them back to white before you leave your place. or suck it up and forfeit your security deposit…

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