Closet Shopped & Sold: Surviving Seller’s Remorse…

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Sooo…I had lunch with a gf the other night and she asked me if she could borrow my CL Cabaret pumps for a dinner party this weekend…

GF: “Your cab’s would go perfectly with the dress I picked out for my dinner party.

ME: “Oh, the CL’s? I sold those a month ago.”

GF: “You did what?? What type of crazy are you on?”

ME: “No, seriously, I did. I bought them a year ago and had never worn them. Plus they were a half size too large.”

GF: “So why did you buy them, if they didn’t fit?“

ME: “They had a T strap, so I figured it would be fine. AND they were HALF OFF.” (I know, shush it!)

GF: “Dammit! I loved those shoes. I would have bought them from you had I known you were selling them. Why didn’t you tell me?”

ME: Hmph. That’s a damn good question! I have no idea…

Loubie Cabaret Pumps – NIB…SOLD!

Question: how long do you guys usually wait before selling/giving away unworn clothing/accessories?

Help me feel better…please?


21 Comments on “Closet Shopped & Sold: Surviving Seller’s Remorse…”

  1. Oh my! Yes, you should always check with your friends first if you're selling 🙂 If they didn't fit, however, you shouldn't regret it. My regret — giving away a Todd Oldham top that I got in 1992. It was still in perfectly good shape but a few years ago I was convinced I'd never wear it again. Now I desperately want it!

  2. Ohhh I feel your pain!! Sometimes I feel weird selling things to friends though?! Is that just me? I always just want to give them whatever it is for free…and then I get screwed lol.

    Don't feel bad love! If they didn't fit, I agree with Wendy. Why do we buy loubies that dont fit?! LOL BECAUSE THEY'RE LOUBIES!!! 🙂

  3. If you've had something in your wardrobe sitting for over a year without wearing it, then selling it is definitely the way to go. How else is a lady suppose to make room for more goodies??

  4. I can't imagine owning clothes/shoes worth selling (an ex once described my style as 'militant homeless'), but yes, a year is the gauge for giving away or selling your stuff.

  5. I wouldn't feel bad about selling them. I have usually mentioned to my buddies if I was selling something in case one of them is interested. I've sold things after only a few months or maybe a year or so if it's something I've just never done much with.

  6. Those are great shoes, but I'm kind of over those red soles 😉 You did the right thing, especially if they didn't fit!

    I don't know about you, but I don't have room in my closet for things that I just don't wear! I usually donate my old things. And my turnaround is VERY fast. Every few months, it's a few large plastic bags o stuff 🙂 I accumulate a LOT of things. Eek!

  7. No, I admire you for getting rid of things you don't wear. I have so many things I keep hanging onto and really need to clean out of my over-flowing closet. Maybe you will inspire me 🙂

  8. Yikes!

    If you never wore them, I wouldn't feel bad about selling them! I rarely sell clothes because I am so damn lazy! They just pile up in my closet and then I eventually give them to Goodwill. Selling would be a much smarter option.

  9. I can almost NEVER bring myself to part with clothes, even if I don't wear them often. I'll usually put them all in a bag up in my attic for a few, just in case, before I get rid of them. however, I've been moving around a lot recently and have been able to much more easily part with excess clothes that I don't need.

  10. I keep things wayyyyyyyyyyyy past their shelf life! I'm trying to stop that. It leads to a very cluttered closet, especially when you aren't blessed with a walk in!

  11. I do a goodwill run every 3 months. my closet is bursting at the seams and I can't buy more if I don't give it away. However, I do let my friends have first picks at everything and then the rest goes to goodwill.

    Those are pretty shoes but I hear ya, I've done the same with Loubies, buying a size up thinking they would fit. Those I did sell because they were barely worn but everything else is donation.

  12. oh dear. i have at least 4 pairs of shoes in the closet that have never been worn. i think they are all between 1-3 years old. shit. must try harder!!!!!

  13. I buy things and never wear them too….I need to sell so much stuff it's crazy! I'm trying not to buy until I clean it out!

  14. LMAO i literally laughed out loud when i read that convo. Those shoes were very pretty I feel your friends pain but it sucks when you never seem to wear stuff, I figure profit =)

  15. Definitely asking the wrong person here. I still have stuff from the 80's! I don't throw anything out unless it is totally unwearable eg. ripped to shreds or has a massive stain down the front that I couldn't get out after 200 washes. I'll even keep stuff that doesn't fit me anymore 🙂

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