As a huge lover of French-inspired decor, I was in heaven when I visited the Château de Versailles, located in the Île-de-France region of France. From turquoise & gold drapes to royal salon chairs, here are my picks for some fabulush high/low home accessories inspired by the Palace Of Versailles…

1. Turquoise & Gold Damask Drapes – One of my fav color combos, you will find this color scheme throughout the palace (espesh in Marie Antoinette’s sitting room). By adding just one, long piece of damask drapery to your windows, it will totes make your apt feel like a mini chateau.


2. Louis XIV/XV Inspired Salon Chairs – I purchased a vintage Louis XV inspired chair from etsy for my office. There are home decor brands that sell this chair style, but often at a very high price. I suggest buying vintage from etsy or ebay like the pretty blue pair below (find one that needs re-upholstering for a personal touch), or waiting for a fantastic sale from a luxury home decor site. Trust me, if you are patient, you will find one at a fab price.

credit: creationsbyrosa shop on

3. Gilded Picture Frames – My fav place to search for one of a kind & gilded picture frames is on etsy. Their prices are reasonable (the one below is $40) and often times the pieces are vintage (my fav combo!).

credit: Jestmillbrook shop on

 4. Ornate Mirrors – Nothing is more regal than a gorgeously framed mirror. This white one below is called Madeline and is sure to bring drama & elegance to your apt.


 5. Fleur-de-Lis Tableware – French for lily flower, the fleur-de-lis symbol is often associated with the French monarchy. There are tons of decor designs featuring this gorg pattern, but one of my fav ways to display its beauty is through accessories. Fleur-de-lis tableware, like this glassware set which retails for $45, is beautiful, functional & can be used everyday. 


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Dahlings, any pieces above that you would add to your home decor?