Weekend Fun, in the July 4th Sun!!

Written by on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 with 10 comments
Soo… just found out the Annual Macy’s Fireworks display will be set off the Hudson River, not off the East river (the usual locale, not very far from my apt).

Not sure why Macy’s decided to switch, but it pleases me to know that when I return to my apt after a friends 4th bash, I will not be hit in the face with the stench of urine, beer & sweaty peeps, many of whom, bc of the lack of McD’s bathrooms in the area, end up using the midtown streets as a toilet. Yum!

On those years when July 4th fell on a weekday, I would mute my T.V. (which was tuned in to NBC’s view of the fireworks show) just so that I could hear the fireworks go off simultaneously through my window. The only way I could actually see them from my apt, was if I squeezed myself between my bathroom wall & the toilet while contorting my body to the left – doing this so I would be able to look through the upper corner of my bathroom window. Not cool or fun.

In any case, if anyone is interested in getting a bird’s eye view of this year’s firework display, one suggestion is the fab celebration at the Hudson Terrace – one of my fav spots:

Have a wonderful & safe 4th of July dahlings!!


10 Comments on “Weekend Fun, in the July 4th Sun!!”

  1. oh sigh! because i wish i was there! the Hudson Terrace looks FAB-U-LOUS!!!

    i swore i just lol'd at your description to see the fireworks from your home…first thing i thought was …is that a new yoga move? hahaha

    please have a safe and fabulous 4th my dear! oh i'm totally digging the signature ……very very fab and the 1 year anni..gift..kicks ass!

  2. BAHAHAH!!! you are brilliant!!! watching fireworks on tv w/mute and hearing the real sound of them going off outside! BRILLIANT!!!

    hope your 4th is fab, and that there is ZERO urine smell in the vicinity. UGH. that is just so gross. humans! nasty. at least many of them are.

  3. How fun!!!I want to be there with you. The smell of urine and sweaty peeps is mildly alluring to this cali girl. I KNOW I am emailing you! Wooty woots.
    have fun be safe and can we pleeeease go to that hudson place when I get there?

  4. That looks so beautiful! I would rather be there than anywhere else right now! 🙁

    Here's the picture I took of the bag:


    From the site I thought it was just all leather or something, but the material is like the same material you get from bags that are free for buying a certain amount of beauty products or something. It's just not that nice. And they really need to have some kind of description or bigger picture or something!

    Anyways! haha. Have fun today/tonight!

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