Even though MG’s “demographic” is generally b/w 18-34 y.o., I get emails from young people about the trials &  tribulations they go through in junior & high school. A few emails have been SO emotional for me to read that I had to address you li’l darlings…

I was once a tween who had the WORST junior high school experience EVER. I was taunted for my weight, my looks and my ethnicity. Boys called me fat, ugly and every other ethnically-oriented expletive they could. I tried to understand why they did this but I couldn’t. These are the same douches who tried to ask me out in H.S., when I became “pretty”.

All I can tell you is that – IT DOES GET BETTER. No one is worth taking your life for. When I read about the suicides that were happening in junior/high schools it BROKE MY HEART. Do NOT let anyone make you feel inferior. These people do this bc they are ignorant & are taught the wrong things from their parents. You are worth EVERYTHING. These bullies & losers mean NOTHING.

NEVER let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. You are special in your own unique way. If anyone makes you feel otherwise, understand that they are WROUGHT with insecurities about themselves. People who put down others think of themselves as worthless. You are are AMAZING and have the WHOLE world ahead of you.

BE your own individual, awesome self. Own your presence & live your life the way YOU want and let everyone else live in your SHADOW.

Heart you forevz,