I live in Midtown East, between 3 different Duane Reade stores and, I couldn’t be happier. Duane Reade has been this NYC girl’s grocery/pharmacy/beauty store for over 20 years now. 

From emergency trips to replace torn stockings during fashion week to purchasing last minute beauty gifts for my girlfriends, Duane Reade (DR) is able to provide us New Yorker’s a one stop shopping experience that works perfectly into our hectic schedules.

Have you ever come back to your apartment after a crazy day of running to and from meetings throughout the city, and forget to buy your basic essentials? This happens to me often but I don’t stress about it because many Duane Reade locations are open 24 hours – a total city girl lifesaver!

It is for this reason, that I am a DR fanatic. Even if my intention is to purchase just one specific item, I always come out with a bag full of essentials because DR makes it super easy to find everything you need to survive in this city. Seriously…

What city girl hasn’t purchased nail polish, room candles, eye moisturizer and even a tiny humidifier, while out on a midnight toothpaste run to Duane Reade?!

And, when it comes to special occasions, DR is so easy to shop for the ones you love. I swooned when I first saw Duane Reade’s holiday brand called “Christmas in New York”. As a midtown girl who lives steps away from the city’s most amazing sights, seeing the holiday collection had me falling in love with NYC all over again. 

Every girl should have a snow globe featuring the NYC skyline on their desk!

As an avid shopper who relies on Duane Reade for the latest & greatest in beauty products, staple grocery items & special occasion gifts, I would be honored to be chosen as a 2012 Duane Reade VIP Influencer. Without them, this Midtown Girl would not be able to live the fabulush city life that all of us aspire to have – one that’s filled with convenience & reliability thanks to Duane Reade.

NYC girl kissies,

This post is an entry for the 2012 Duane Reade VIP Influencer Contest, sponsored by Duane Reade.