Interesting, bc whenever I start talking to a new fellow, somewhere in the convo he’ll eventually ask me if I’m on facebook, to which I say yes (of course!). Then he’ll ask me if we can add each other to our fb accts. At first, I never had a prob with this bc, hey its fb right? What’s the biggie?
But then it became one when a guy I was dating ended in a not so polite way & I definitely did NOT want any reminders of him – especially on a daily basis! It took me 3 weeks to finally delete this guy, for fear of looking like I was a jaded chick or something (and yes I am not afraid to admit I care what people think about me). And honestly, I was freakin’ tired of seeing his “Current Economic Status of the U.S.” e-article updates on my fb homepage…

In any case, sooo not a good idea to put someone you’ve just started to date on your fb (maybe wait a few months?). I’m just going to stick w. friends & fam, you can’t go wrong with that…I think 😉

Who else has put long-over with or currently-ended dates on their facebook & want them off? Are they still on there?