Flowers are in bloom. The sun is shining. That can only mean one thing… wedding season! Once you and your friends graduate college, summer trips to the beach turn into “who’s wedding are we going to this weekend?” I know 4 people getting married within the span of a week. For a single gal it can be overwhelming. There’s tons of pressure to have a date, to catch the bouquet and the endless question of “when will you get married?” But it doesn’t have to be a drag.

Here are my tips for surviving wedding season:

  1. Go with a positive attitude! If you go in thinking it’s going to be a terrible time then it probably will be. There will be free food, drinks and dancing…you can make the best out of it I’m sure. And if it’s a destination wedding, you’ll see a new city!
  2. Feel your best. Weddings are a great excuse to buy a new outfit! Get dressed to the nine and own the room. Just don’t wear white (or the bridesmaid colors).
  3. Dance your ass off! After the ceremony, weddings really are just one big dance party. It’s great exercise. Burn some calories while you’re at it. Side note: I’d avoid weddings WITHOUT open bar because drinks loosen everyone up. The ones with an open bar are the best in my opinion because EVERYONE gets on the dance floor.
  4. Be confident. I own my singleness and really hate when people try to make me feel guilty about it. There’s nothing wrong with you! If people start nagging you just turn the attention back on to the newlyweds. “Doesn’t x look beautiful in her dress?” It is their day after all.
  5. Bring a fun date. It could be another single girlfriend or your gay bestie. If you’re afraid that you’re not going to have fun then bring someone whom you always have a good time with. My date to my sister’s wedding was my gay best friend. Best date ever!

I actually love weddings.

This surprises some people because I tend to be such a bah humbug about romance. But after seeing my sister plan hers and seeing all the stress that goes into it, you just want the couple to have an awesome time. I’ve had a lot of fun at weddings.

It’s not as painful as you may think.

What advice would you give? Do you dread wedding season?
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