Date Night Outy: Winter in the City Series – ‘New Year’s Eve in NYC’!

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There are a few options I still have avail to me for NYE. Yes, I still have not decided what I am doing yet or what I AM WEARING. For shiz. I feel tired already…

Ok, let’s see – I can choose from the following options:

1. Chic Celebration @ Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center;


I’ve been to Stone Rose Lounge a few times already and it is FABULUSH. I can only imagine how much more fabulush it will be on an eve such as New Year’s with the celebratory vibe and an unbelievable view of Central Park…STUNNING.

Problem is – I don’t have a date. You know, one that I would actually want to spend NYE with, not a filler-guy (sadly, they are more than eager to attend). The rest of the gals will be with their sidekick-fellas, so I am not so sure about this option.

2. Fabulous Soiree hosted in my gf’s townhouse apartment on the UWS;

My gf’s townhouse apt is UNREAL. With a Riverside Drive view of the Hudson River (fireworks?) and a celebration filled with industry peeps/up & coming designers/restaurant owners and such…I am thinking, drinks & schmoozing?

But that kinda feels more like work then a celebration. Plus it’s all the way on the UWS (yes, I’m serious – lol).

3. Exclusive NYE Party @ Soho House, courtesy of my gf K.
Just finished up a phone convo with my gf K. She is newly single, having broken up with her bf a few weeks before Christmas (the hell’s up with pre-holiday break ups.?? SUX x 100!!!). Since she is single, she is in total mingle-mode and asked me if I’d like come with her to the fabulously exclusive Soho House.

Darling K is an FIT grad and an emerging couture lingerie designer who resides in Williamsburg. She decided to MAKE HER OWN NYE DRESS. Seriously? Done. She designed a sultry, plunging v-neck navy number that will not only make her look ferosh, but will showcase her sick talent.

Date Night Outy -‘New Year’s Eve in NYC’
Evening One-Shouldered Dress, Silver Peep-Toe Pumps, Cuff Bracelet

So dahlings…what are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Mid-week kissies,

p.s. – My pink Nano finally arrived (officially twinsies, Liz!) & I just downloaded JM’s Battlefield Studies…track list works perfectly when blogging abt dating, hoo-wah!

My fav is ‘ASSASSIN’, about both lovers being heart-breakers.

Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed 😉 XOXO

23 Comments on “Date Night Outy: Winter in the City Series – ‘New Year’s Eve in NYC’!”

  1. I would say go to the party in SoHo (I agree, the UWS is so far it might just as well be Staten Island) and wear Marchesa! I haven't really decided either what to do… I would love to just do dinner and drinks with my girlfriends, like we used to, but they are all desperate to get rocks on their fingers these days (we're getting older) and can't waste an important night like NYE on a chick dinner. Booo!

    Hope you'll having an amazing night, whatever you decide to do! 🙂

  2. Hey darling! I miss my blog loves. You have ridiculously AWESOME options for NYE! So wish I was in NYC, I'd go with option 2 or 3 esp. bc you don't deserve to be with JUST a filler dude.

    Have fun!

  3. you're definitely going with #3, right? I'd please like all the details because my NYE will be just about the exact opposite of yours….call it 'bizarro' NYE…board games 'n' snacks w/hubby of ten years and 3 "chickens", in sweats, cuddled in our small rural victorian…..

  4. I'd go with the third. Sounds like fun and hanging with a best gf always guarantees a good time. I think this year i'm going to either chill at my apt with a couple friends and some wine or maybe just hit the sack early. I've never been a big NYE gal but the last couple years i've been in LA, ATL, and DC in that order so I want to just chill this year.

  5. I would be ALL OVER the Soho House party. The closest I've ever come to the Soho House is having dinner next door at Spice Market and looking at it from the roof of the Gansevoort sipping champagne…do it! it sounds like it will be the MOST fun and the MOST fabulous. and really…from the east side do you really want to go up to the UWS? Not that that party won't be amazing but I would recommend getting a room at the Mandarin so you don't have to worry about schlepping back to your own hood afterward in a cab:) just sayin xo

    and ps–you could where a muumuu and you would look like a million bucks!

  6. Ooooh how much fun! I would love to live vicariously through you on NYE!! Or maybe you will take me with? 😉 HAHA… loe the outfit choice, can't wait to hear what you choose!

    p.s. If I were you I would do Soho…….

  7. We live in a warm climate, we'll be outside under the stars having fun!

    NYC looks so fabulous and magical in your photos!
    Have a really good time, Midtown Girl!


  8. I vote for #2 or #3, as #1 feels too uppety. And seriously, those dresses!! When I saw them I thought "holy F-balls! that looks like the costume I just designed!! OMG!!" SO hot. So, so HOT! I think I need that dress, fo shiz.
    xoxo J

  9. Hi girl! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Spending New Year's eve in NYC is in my to do list. And these parties? definitely fabulous! I'd go with #3 just because K needs you right now. Then maybe if it gets boring you can both move on to the next party?

    BTW, you won my Kikay Give-away!!! Congratulations gorgeous! send me your shipping address for your prize, ok?

    Happy New Year to you!!!

  10. I have NO idea what we're doing for NYE here but I'm totally thinking I want a chill night; nothing too crazy. I'm sure you'll look fab no matter what you decide to do. Have fun!

  11. I have no clue how you are ever going to choose where to go on New Year's Eve – those are all fabulous options! Therefore, I suggest party-hopping – attend each one for a bit so you can truly have an amazing time and hobnob with loads of different people!!

    And your NYE outfit…stunning! One-shoulder anything makes me giddy!! Happy, Happy New Year my love!! 🙂

  12. first thank you for the award. secondly, both of the options are fab. happy new year darling and wishing you a fab 2010. xo SG

  13. Sounds like going with your friend K will be fun!(I almost said uber fun LOL).

    I like those black outfits!! I like it better the way it is being worn on the right!

    I will be spending NYE with my cousins. They have a family party.

    Happy New Years!

  14. THANKS, AMY!!! A partner in crime + a Hello Kitty store?! I DIE. I need to go back!!!

    Happy New Year to you!


  15. Happy New Year! I hope you've been having a great holiday season. Mine has been wonderful except for my cable modem dying on me. I just did a new post with a big announcement in it. I hope you'll check it out. Thanks. Take care. Have a fantastic holiday weekend. Cheers!

  16. I'm back here already… yes, I'm in the EV so we're almost neighbors! I think I'll be going on the 29th unless I'm working – I definitely want to meet you either way! xoxoxox

  17. Ooh, love you loads, Amy! Why don't I…

    …see you in February. In NYC. For shopping, sipping, and a fabulous dinner – or two!! That's when I shall be there!!

    Happy, Happy New Year my love!! 🙂

  18. I love that dress! You find the best clothes for the frugalista posts! I might haved to get that one:) xoxo Undercover Starlet

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