There are a few options I still have avail to me for NYE. Yes, I still have not decided what I am doing yet or what I AM WEARING. For shiz. I feel tired already…

Ok, let’s see – I can choose from the following options:

1. Chic Celebration @ Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center;


I’ve been to Stone Rose Lounge a few times already and it is FABULUSH. I can only imagine how much more fabulush it will be on an eve such as New Year’s with the celebratory vibe and an unbelievable view of Central Park…STUNNING.

Problem is – I don’t have a date. You know, one that I would actually want to spend NYE with, not a filler-guy (sadly, they are more than eager to attend). The rest of the gals will be with their sidekick-fellas, so I am not so sure about this option.

2. Fabulous Soiree hosted in my gf’s townhouse apartment on the UWS;

My gf’s townhouse apt is UNREAL. With a Riverside Drive view of the Hudson River (fireworks?) and a celebration filled with industry peeps/up & coming designers/restaurant owners and such…I am thinking, drinks & schmoozing?

But that kinda feels more like work then a celebration. Plus it’s all the way on the UWS (yes, I’m serious – lol).

3. Exclusive NYE Party @ Soho House, courtesy of my gf K.
Just finished up a phone convo with my gf K. She is newly single, having broken up with her bf a few weeks before Christmas (the hell’s up with pre-holiday break ups.?? SUX x 100!!!). Since she is single, she is in total mingle-mode and asked me if I’d like come with her to the fabulously exclusive Soho House.

Darling K is an FIT grad and an emerging couture lingerie designer who resides in Williamsburg. She decided to MAKE HER OWN NYE DRESS. Seriously? Done. She designed a sultry, plunging v-neck navy number that will not only make her look ferosh, but will showcase her sick talent.

Date Night Outy -‘New Year’s Eve in NYC’
Evening One-Shouldered Dress, Silver Peep-Toe Pumps, Cuff Bracelet

So dahlings…what are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Mid-week kissies,

p.s. – My pink Nano finally arrived (officially twinsies, Liz!) & I just downloaded JM’s Battlefield Studies…track list works perfectly when blogging abt dating, hoo-wah!

My fav is ‘ASSASSIN’, about both lovers being heart-breakers.

Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed 😉 XOXO