Downtown Hip: Dr. Martens NYC SoHo Store

Written by on Thursday, November 18th, 2010 with 5 comments

We had the opp to visit the new Dr. Martens SoHo store & it totes brought me back to my days at NYU, when bills & rent were the last of my worries..that is, if I had any at all. With their new collections we see variations in heel height & designs – including my fav, the leopard versions below! Check out the rest of the collection my pretty peeps…

I just got my first pair courtesy of Dr. Martens & will show you how to incorporate their distinct style into your existing wardy in my new vid series “Werq the Wardrobe”. Coming soon my dahlings! XOXO


5 Comments on “Downtown Hip: Dr. Martens NYC SoHo Store”

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