You dolls know that I’m a born & raised NYC girl but, what I want to share with you are the amaze peeps I’ve met that aren’t originally from here & have fam based in other states/countries, etc. When you live in Manhattan it’s interesting bc you would never think – even though the city is as fabulush & big as it is – that it’s truly a small world. I run into chicks I went to high school/college with who are visiting, working here, whatevz.

But when I meet peeps who aren’t from here but came here to make a name for themselves, it’s different story.

I am sooo thankful for meeting some extra special people this year that without Midtown Girl, I probably would have never met. I also could have never imagined all the amaze things that have happened to me since starting this blog and for this I am UBER thankful.

I give thanks for the following:

  • My wonderful parents who have always loved me & been so supportive throughout the years;
  • Dolce aka MidtownPups, for loving me no matter what I am going through (and for keeping my feet warm at night 😉;
  • My amazing friends who are there for me whenever I need them;
  • And for all of you loving & awesome readers of Midtown Girl, you dolls have been here through all of my dating & real life stories and have offered so much of your advice/thoughts/help/support & love…

For you, I am forever THANKFUL.

I wish everyone a beautiful, happy & safe Thanksgiving holiday – whether you are spending it with fam, friends or even solo (which I have totes done before), I hope you have a wonderful holiday, dahlings<3


p.s. – I have a giveaway on Friday!!